Viktoria Kova: Ontological Art Experience Session

During the Ontological Art Experience session, guided by Viktoria Kova, the viewer is invited to experience the deep resonance of feeling good. Through video, sound, taste, smell and touch the artist realigns all 5 senses in such a way that they raise the vibrational field to higher frequencies. The artist sees Ontological Art as a possible quantum leap to a 5D state of consciousness, that allows to consciously guide the state of mind, mood, and even self-healing abilities of the viewer. Can art truly expand consciousness? Come and experience it for yourself. 

Half-Ukrainian half-Russian video artist Viktoria Kova is since 1996 based in Amsterdam. Researching the impact of the five senses on the perception of our reality, Kova empowers her videos and installations with the feel-good energy.

Her works are ontologically designed to create an experience in alignment with the intuitive principle of Ontological Art.

The video/sound installation by Viktoria Kova “The EYEPad” is exhibited at the 2nd floor (“Fuse”) in the main hall.

Saturday 2nd July 14.30 – 16.00

Registration necessary:

Limited number of participants

> Age 16

Recommended: comfortable, stretchy clothes, shoes off, your favourite sit-block, if you have one.